Computing Degree Show 2018

3D Android Game – 100%

3D Android Game – Smooth Sailing

3D MRI Data Imaging Tool For Augmented Reality

A Framework for the Analysis of Care Provider Risk

A new website for the Computing Degree Show

A System for Soil Moisture Data Collection and Analysis

An online peer assessment submission and calculation website

Automated Brain Tumour Segmentation based on MR Images using U-Net and its application for Mutation Status Prediction

Automatic Date-Labelling of Parliamentary Proceedings using Natural Language Processing

Avalon: Digitalized Board Game

Block 5: The Development and Evaluation of an Electronic Prototype of a Physical Board Game

Board Wars Game

Board Wars AI

Boxing Performance Tracker

BrightLights: A Mobile Game for Measuring Task Performance using Varying Screen Brightness

Card Recognition

Constraint Programming in Games

Creating and testing a new prototype for a computer game 3

Cybersecurity Scripts

Data Mining Human Reasoning (Asha Wittchen)

Data Mining Human Reasoning (Declan Patullo)

Deep data analysis in the style of Minority Report

Design and implementation of a graphical data processing environment

Develop a system to automate assessment of UML design diagrams

Developing a Web App to support Social Stories in Dentistry

eHealth and Physiotherapy

Engaging The Next Generation With Computing

Environmental sound normalisation

Evaluating the Performance of Deeply Learned Filters in Brain Tumour Mutation Status Prediction based on Multi-parametric MR Images

Exploring Visual Depth to Sound Mapping

Gamification of Learning

USB Hardware Security Device

Hardware Security Device Backup and Recovery

High-speed computer vision for cancer diagnosis technology

Identifying Sentiment Towards Cryptocurrency: Analysing and Visualising Reddit Headlines

Image Forensics

Image processing for eBay searching

Investigating the Usability of Predictive Text Entry: A User Experience Project

iPlant: an app for plant phenotyping

Joint Correlational and Discriminative Ensemble Classifier Learning Using Shallow Brain Multiplexes for Dementia Diagnosis

Joint Prediction and Classification of Brain Image Evolution Trajectories from Baseline with Application to Early Dementia Diagnosis

Language Simplification for Care Settings

Machine Learning for Predicting Brain Tumour Mutation Status based on Multi-parametric MR Images

Messaging Microservice

Mining Information from Natural Language Texts

Morphological Brain Age Prediction using Multi-view Brain Networks Derived from Cortical Morphology in Healthy and Disordered Populations

Stuart Huddy's Honours Project

Multi-User Touch Interface for Deep Data Analysis

Oddity: Creating, testing and launching a new number puzzle mobile game

Online checkers platform

Prediction of morphological brain network evolution for late dementia classification

Progress Monitor for Learning and Training

Project allocation software (Carsten Cheyne)

Project allocation software (Robert Tully)

PulsePlayer: Wearable Device For Athletes Which Measures Their Heart Rate & Mobile App For Team Sport Coaches Which Utilises This Device

Screen Capture and Streaming Library

Segmentation of Arteries in Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Angiography Datasets Using Deep-Learning Techniques

Sensors in Sport

SmartSort! A Card Sorting Application

Space Wave – Android Game

Stairway to Heaven – Android game

Swim Tim: Education – iOS Learning Game for Children

Synthesis of realistic retinal fundus images by deep learning

The Visualisation of Data acquired from Wearable Technology in the sport of Swimming

Typescript Mutation Testing – Professor X

U2F: Complex Passwords are unnecessary

Virtual Open Days

Wearable Technology: Sleep Tracking

Web Chat Aide: Classifying and Detecting Offensive Language and Intent in Online Unmoderated Discussion

Widening access in Artificial Intelligence