Computing Degree Show 2018

The Visualisation of Data acquired from Wearable Technology in the sport of Swimming

With current advances in Technology the use of sensors in sport is rapidly increasing. This can range from aiding officials to moderate a game, such as Goal-line technology in Football, or wearable technology used by an athlete to track details of a performance, for example Lap time, heart rate and average speed.

One key drawback to many current wearable technologies is the lack of visualisation options which allow the user to interact and understand the recorded data. One sport in particular that can benefit from meaningful visualised data is competitive swimming. It is a sport decided by inches and milliseconds and the slightest variables can be the difference between winning and losing. Due to the aquatic nature of the sport,  participants are far more limited in the technology that can be used, and the data that can be recorded is often very difficult to visualise and act upon.

The aim of this project is to design a platform which will display data and statistics, recorded by wearable sensors, for use by swimming coaches.  This data will then be displayed in a meaningful way allowing a greater understanding of an athlete’s performance.