Computing Degree Show 2018

A System for Soil Moisture Data Collection and Analysis

The aim of this project, a subset of the goals of the GROW project, is to enable the collection, persistence and analysis of soil moisture data from many sensors. These sensors are distributed Europe wide among a community of participants, providing us with a potentially continuous data source to collate and analyse. The current platform provider has decided to no longer maintain the system; hence, the current solution is not sustainable in the long term. A system has been developed to provide a maintainable platform, under an Agile methodology using technologies for cross platform mobile application development. The resulting system is an iteration of an extensible system, that can download, persist locally and upload sensor data for to cloud storage for data analysis. The data source provided by the GROW project provides many avenues for future work and this project is a step in the direction of maintaining it, so that further exploration with this data can be conducted.

Allan McKinlay