Computing Degree Show 2018

Image Forensics

In an ever increasing digitising world, the photograph has lost its trust. In an analogue age, images were often seen as concrete events of occurrence. Yet, image forgery is rising year to year and the increase in easy to use systems and advances in photo manipulation software is making this process easier.

Veritas is software that was developed by myself to combat the threat of image re-use and forgery through autonomous and semi-autonomous image forensic analysis. Veritas aids in determining whether two images are identical, similar, or different. Employing a variety of techniques to visually and quantifiably represent the differences in two images produced by using common manipulation methods such as: cloning, cropping, resampling, orientation shifts and splicing.

Use techniques such as: Error Level Analysis, Auto-thresholding, Image Fingerprinting, DCT Block Comparison, Quantization Comparison, Histogram Comparison, Noise Analysis, and more.


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Dr. Saša Radomirović