Computing Degree Show 2018

Deep data analysis in the style of Minority Report

ARG-tech are one of the world’s foremost argumentation research teams. Argumentation and Computing go hand-in hand, combining the logic and structure of debate with the power and analytical capability of modern computers. Argumentation plays a large role in many avenues of daily life, whether it be in a discussion between friends, a political debate in the House of Commons, or a lawyer arguing a case in court.

ARG-tech seek to analyse the contents and semantics of debates and discussions through bespoke software and hardware solutions – to this end, they have created the Argument Wall: a massive multi-user touch screen built to allow researchers to visualise and interact with argument data in real time. The Argument Wall is an excellent tool, but could benefit from some novel and bespoke software to enhance its potential – and that’s where this project comes in!

This project aims to create the foundations of a new bespoke web solution for touch-screen interfaces, focusing on debate flow by taking in argumentation data found in AIFdb (the largest free argumentation search engine on the Internet) and displaying it in a timeline, highlighting points of conflict between participants and inviting users to further explore these conflicts in order to find further context and meaning from debate. With a focus on user-centric design for a unique form-factor and user experience practices taken into account, the ultimate goal is to create a useful and robust visual tool for debate analysis.

Student: Bryn Pirie



LinkedIn: Bryn Pirie

Supervisor: Chris Reed