Computing Degree Show 2018

Project allocation software (Carsten Cheyne)

This project involved creating a system that consolidated the project allocation process into an easy-to-use website for future use by various levels of academia (e.g Honours and Masters). This website will display information unique to the role of user currently using the application. Students will see a project list, and will be able to mark projects of interest to view a condensed list later, as well as select the projects they would like to do. Project Supervisors will be able to see a list of all the projects they govern, and will be able to make various changes, such as, editing, archiving, and cloning. Project co-ordinators will be able to assign sessions (the time period with which a project allocation session lasts), as well as make the final allocation of projects to their respective students. Any user can have can be a combination of the roles listed, to cater to that user’s individual needs and responsibilities.

The system is created using the Laravel PHP framework to handle the back-end, as well as using Vue.js to handle the front-end.

Contact Details
Name: Carsten Cheyne

Project Supervisor: Dr Keith Edwards