Computing Degree Show 2018

Space Wave – Android Game

Space Wave is a 3D Android game made using OpenGL ES and Java. The aim of the game is to survive as many waves as possible and destroy everything in your path. There are enemy saucers that will make your time surviving short and sweet if you’re not careful. Not to mention the asteroid field that your traversing through will cause problems for even the most skilled pilot.

Each level gets progressively harder and more chaotic with the number of enemies and asteroids increasing. Points are scored for every threat destroyed. To set the highest score, survive as long as possible, simple. The game has a leaderboard system so you can try to beat your personal best or challenge your friends.

The game uses on-screen controls to fly the spaceship and shoot everything in sight. These controls are easy to grasp, that even a novice pilot might survive. Good luck!

Craig Neely