Computing Degree Show 2018

Developing a Web App to support Social Stories in Dentistry

One of the major threats to the health and welfare of people with intellectual and/or communication difficulties (ICD) is the level of anxiety experienced by both them and the dentist during a dental appointment. The anxiety is caused by their inability to understand information given by the practitioner at the time of the treatment and difficulty with expressing their concerns and feelings. Generating personalised scenarios explaining the treatment required and sending them to the patient in advance was proved to be an effective way of reducing the overall level of anxiety.

Currently there is, however, no automated way of creating these personalised scenarios. As a result, some of the dentist resort to using text editors to create such stories, which is highly inefficient.

This project looked into designing and (partly) implementing a web-based application that would meet the needs of the dental practitioners and support them in generating social stories effectively. Two of local Special Needs Dentists were involved throughout the whole process and helped design the final solution.

Dagmara Kukawka