Computing Degree Show 2018

Cybersecurity Scripts

Attackers can gain unsolicited access to a system by exploiting a protocol, a defined set of rules that is put in place to govern how a system operates. The first thing many will think of are the communications protocols which govern how data is transmitted over a network such as TCP and UDP. Research into these protocols has lead to the uncovering of exploits, helping an attacker to gain access to information they should be restricted from. The concept of protocols can also be applied to humans instead of machines. Although different, people still follow protocols in their day to day lives. You will almost always say hello when you meet someone and goodbye when you’re leaving. Although this protocol is not very useful to a security researcher it serves as an example of something humans do almost completely independent of situation or even language.

Cybersecurity scripts aims to take the concept of protocols and their exploitation on machines and apply it to humans. In order to do this I have produced a theory around scripts and an application that can model a script which can then be analysed by researchers for exploits or other weaknesses.


Daniel Kinnaird