Computing Degree Show 2018

Gamification of Learning

The aim of this project is to create an online quiz-based learning tool to supplement existing face to face teaching. To engage and motivate students, the application will incorporate elements of gamification (game design to enhance non-game contexts).

Currently, the application allows staff members to create quizzes and set goals for students to achieve. Staff also have access to a personalised dashboard, where they can monitor student’s progress and evaluate quiz statistics.

Students can complete quizzes and create their own personalised quizzes for both individual and group use. They can communicate with fellow students by leaving comments on the quiz pin board, such as links to helpful resources or expressing what they liked/did not like about the quiz.

The application has incorporated gaming mechanisms including leaderboards, badges, trophies and streaks. Students can gain rewards for their profile based on contribution and achievements, for example placing first, second or third on the quiz leader board.

This system has been developed for university students and staff but is envisioned that it could be used by multiple organisations in the future.

Danielle Williams



Project Supervisor: Dr Rachel Menzies