Computing Degree Show 2018

3D Android Game – 100%

‘100%’ is a 3D android game created using OpenGL ES, Java & GLSL. It initially starts off as a 2.5D game with a player starting at a score of 0%, but eventually builds up to 100% and turns fully 3D, allowing the player to shift the camera and work around a 3D world.

When the player reaches 100%, the score also resets to 0 and starts counting back up, this time counting endlessly. The camera is now shifting upwards, so the player needs to continue jumping from platform to platform, even as they decrease in size, or they succumb to the chasing camera. The uses touch controls to jump upwards, as well as slam back down, as well being able to swipe left or right to switch to a different size of the tower in the off-chance an easier path exists.

Contact Details
Name: Dominick Dreczkowski