Computing Degree Show 2018

Erik Jeny Portrait

Hardware Security Device Backup and Recovery

With users needing to register with more and more services online they are becoming more wary of their security. Regardless, many users use a single password across multiple services, due to ‘security fatigue’. 

Many hardware security devices  have been developed that support numerous security protocols for users to authenticate themselves, reduce their memory load, and increase their security.

If a user loses their hardware security device the user loses the contained secrets. Further, they are left with a workload of recovering  access to services and data. Ideally the user would have a backup key, but creating such is either impossible or tedious.

Set of keys and Yubikey, a hardware security device

In this project we have built a solution that mitigates the downside of losing a hardware security device by backing up the stored secrets. The secrets are recovered by utilising multiple spare hardware security devices, so in an event of loss the user can restore their secrets.

by Erik Jeny,
supervised by
Dr. Saša Radomirović​