Computing Degree Show 2018

Messaging Microservice

Venuebooker is a small, start-up company based out of Belfast. John Ferguson (CEO) started the company in 2013 and has since built a small team to help his idea become a reality. He owned his own venue for several years and unfortunately the doors had to close due to the lack of custom. This was a major problem, not only at his venue, but across Northern Ireland and further afield. He decided he wanted to help his former peers and revolutionise the way venues are booked for events.

This project will involve working alongside an external client in which a new iteration of their current website will be produced along with a messaging microservice.

The aim is to produce a dashboard that will provide the users with an overall view of their activity on the website. They can choose a specific enquiry/booking and browse through an expansive list of details. The second part of this project will include a messaging service. Event bookers need an option to live chat with the venue managers.


Erin Coey
Supervised By Craig Ramsay
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