Computing Degree Show 2018

Oddity: Creating, testing and launching a new number puzzle mobile game

The aim of this project is to take an existing board game and test its feasibility as a mobile game on a digital medium. The creator of the board game (John Muir) granted complete freedom to make any improvements to the game to help it transition successfully to mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

Oddity is a number-based puzzle game where players take it turns placing up to 3 tiles on to variously sized grids, ensuring that the total of every row and column of connected tiles is odd. The game can be played alone, against artificially intelligent computer opponents or with friends locally.

The artificially intelligent opponents are scalable in difficulty and due to the intuitive gameplay, diverse game modes and player progression, players of all skill levels can enjoy the game.

The game is designed to promote numeracy skills through repetition of mental arithmetic. Player’s numeracy skills can progressively improve as they make their way through the single player challenge mode. This provides academic and leisure potential for users.


Gary Gillespie