Computing Degree Show 2018

Design and implementation of a graphical data processing environment

Ivaylo Atanasov

This project presents a graphical user interface for a software called Cryptanalysts Toolkit. The toolkit will support researchers and students to process data for the purpose of cryptanalysis and computational combinatorics.

The interface is similar to block-based graphical programming languages such as Snap! (website). The blocks will represent data manipulation tools such as encryption and decryption algorithms. These algorithms can be used with the help of a puzzle-like pieces.In order to create more complex algorithms,more pieces have to be strained together in order to achieve your goal. The graphical interface will ensure that only matching types of algorithms can be connected. More advanced users could also create their own blocks and use their own data manipulation algorithms.

In other words this website application will provide a platform for beginner programmers to familiarize with data manipulation tools in an easier user-friendly way. This software provides ground for advanced programmers as well who might wish to implement their own algorithms and with the help of the already existing ones succeed in completing their task.