Computing Degree Show 2018

Progress Monitor for Learning and Training

Sea Cadets is a national youth charity where young people follow a cadet training programme which sees them learn a range of subjects. In order to successfully credit the cadets with their corresponding completed modules and achievements, a system – whether paper based or technological – needs to be used in order to keep track of all the cadets progress. In the Dundee based sea cadets, this system is outdated and inefficient. In order to try and improve this, for my honours project I created a website-based system which allows the staff members to easily keep track of all aspects of their cadets’ progress. From ticking off the modules completed, to keeping attendance, the website allows staff to edit, update and track all students.

The main goal has been to not only to improve upon the existing system, but also develop a website for the cadets to be able to log into and see their own progress, including their rank, achievements and completed modules.

Javier Suquia