Computing Degree Show 2018

eHealth and Physiotherapy

Stroke is the number one cause of disabilities in the UK. Nearly two thirds of stroke survivors leaving the hospital do so with a disability of some kind. Physiotherapy can help regain movement and strength often lost due to a stroke.

Currently, physiotherapists working in the NHS use paper leaflets with descriptions of exercises on them. These leaflets are often stored far away, costing the physios time, and are costly replace with updated ones.

The goal of the project was to develop an Android application that allows physios to efficiently prescribe exercises to clients, to replace the leaflet-based system previously used. Similar applications exist, but none aimed at stroke aftercare.

The exercises are customisable by the physios, with images and videos included. Additionally, the application facilitates greater communication between patient and therapist by including the ability to exchange in-app messages with one’s physio.