Computing Degree Show 2018

BrightLights: A Mobile Game for Measuring Task Performance using Varying Screen Brightness

A situational visual impairment (SVI) is when a person’s vision is temporarily diminished by external factors. For example, we often experience an SVI when we try to use our mobile phones in bright sunlight.

Mobile devices are used by many different people (e.g. pilots, doctors, soldiers etc.) who rely on being able to accurately view on-screen information. SVIs can impair the ability to read this information, potentially putting themselves, or others, at risk. Therefore, mobile apps should be designed to reduce the effects of SVIs. However, we first need to understand the relationship between increasing brightness and reduced perception.

In this project, the BrightLights Runner mobile game was developed to test participants’ perception based on ambient lighting and brightness settings. Through participants playing the game, we gather appropriate data for building SVI models in the future.


Kerr Macpherson

Supervised by Dr. Rachel Menzies

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