Computing Degree Show 2018

Engaging The Next Generation With Computing

“Engaging The Next Generation With Computing” is a project which looks at how children interact with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects, with a specific focus on computing.

Participants in their fourth and fifth year of primary school were invited to partake in various discussions and classroom activities which were designed to simplify computing terminology, break the stereotypes associated with working with the field of computing, and inspire more young people to undertake computing projects: whether it be programming, user experience and interaction, or analysis, alongside showing children that a career in computing can cover a wide range of professions in many locations around the world.

By understanding what is holding young people back we can improve teaching methods and how we interact with children. The research from this project has aided the creation of an informative website which can teach young people about computing and guide them through their school years, into higher education and university.

My hope is the work from this project will encourage schools to evaluate the way they teach subjects to young people and improve engagement with computing subjects, thus encouraging more young people to go into STEM fields in the future.


Mila Georgieva

Supervised by Dr. Karen Petrie