Computing Degree Show 2018

SmartSort! A Card Sorting Application

In UX Design, Card Sorting is a method used to help design and evaluate the information architecture of a web application. In a card sorting session, participants organise topics into categories that make sense to them and they may also help the owner label these groups. To conduct a card sort, one can use actual cards, pieces of paper, or one of several online card-sorting software tools.

The student has been working on developing and implementing an online application that will allow individuals to create their own online Studies to gather user perspective on the interaction design and layout of their website. The final application was brought together using a combination of PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Participants are required to drag and drop the labelled cards into the respective headings that make sense to them.

The project was completed with the intention of creating an application that is not only available to a various group of potential users, but also with a functionality that is on the same level as other products available in the market. This can potentially enable students in the university to come up with a user-centred and user-friendly designs for their respective projects.


Thank you,

Musa Kolo.