Computing Degree Show 2018

Investigating the Usability of Predictive Text Entry: A User Experience Project

The research project ‘Investigating the Usability of Predictive Text Entry’ involves the development of a system that will house three treatments in the form of predictive keyboards, along with relevant material used to conduct a study with willing participants. The system  provides participants with the three keyboards and tasks to complete on each. The aim of the project is to successfully evaluate the usability of predictive text entry and how participants access these predictions on interactive interfaces by designing, conducting and analysing the experiment results.

There is an experimenter portal on the system that allows researchers to view results of their experiments and all details of participants in each study. Participants complete the demographic form on the system and complete each task provided. All NASA-TLX responses for each keyboard are also stored on the system.

All data gathered on the system is stored in a database to aide the experiment analysis process of this project. Currently, this system contains all materials to conduct the predictive text entry experiment, however has scope to be adapted to a wide range of experiments in the future.

Nathan McMahon


Project Supervisor: Prof. Annalu Waller