Computing Degree Show 2018

PulsePlayer: Wearable Device For Athletes Which Measures Their Heart Rate & Mobile App For Team Sport Coaches Which Utilises This Device

Coaches in sports are responsible for managing the team on the field but also making sure their players are safe and get an appropriate amount of rest. PulsePlayer is a mobile app utilising a specially designed wrist strap for athletes which constantly measures their heart rate in real-time. The coach will be provided with a sound notification whenever any of their players are getting over the safe (target) heart rate during exercise. This will give an indication to the coach that they should consider substituting the athlete.

The aims of the project are: provide coaches with a simple and effective mobile application that will help them manage their team substitutions better; provide sport teams with a device that enhances players’ safety on the pitch and develop a wearable technology device that is comfortable to wear for athletes.

The parts embedded into the wrist strap are as small as possible to make sure the device is comfortable to wear. The Beetle BLE microcontroller used for this project is the smallest Arduino model available on the market.

Athletes sometimes tend to push themselves more than they should. Staying in the optimal heart rate zone decreases risk of heart problems and increases fitness level over time.

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