Computing Degree Show 2018

Boxing Performance Tracker

The aim of this project is to allow users to analyse their boxing training workout through using any device that allows them to record raw accelerometer data and save it as a CSV file.

This project is an online system that analyses punching statistics in a training session. By collecting raw accelerometer data through a device strapped above the wrist of the participant’s hand, the raw data collected from the device can be saved as a CSV file which when uploaded to the website, allows for evaluation and data visualization.

This project is intended to allows users to view the number of punches thrown in a session and evaluate where they most require improvement, for example, throwing very few punches after a 30-second burst of punches through looking at the graph, meaning that their stamina or endurance may require improvement.

This website includes features such as how many punches were thrown,  the average acceleration of the punches in the session, duration of the session, allowing them to compare different sessions as well as features such as date, time and an about page for any information a user may seek.

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