Computing Degree Show 2018

Identifying Sentiment Towards Cryptocurrency: Analysing and Visualising Reddit Headlines

The purpose of this project was to create a Sentiment Analysis Tool using Python. The tool would obtain Reddit headlines, classify them as positive, negative or neutral in sentiment, and visualise the result to the user.

A Python application was created that obtained Reddit headlines from the cryptocurrency subreddit and stored them in a localised file. These headlines were then classified used machine learning algorithms and the results were visualised.

As well as visualising the overall results, the application also allows the user to see the top ten most commonly used negative and positive words.

The natural language toolkit(NLTK) is a Python library, it features techniques and functions that aid in the creation of applications that use human language data.

Flask is a Python framework that is used to create websites efficiently and quickly. Bootstrap is a web framework used to create and design web applications.

Using the tool, the user can easily see the overall sentiment towards the cryptocurrency markets.