Computing Degree Show 2018

Project allocation software (Robert Tully)

This projects goal was to create a new system for managing the creation, selection and assignment of Honours Projects for future years. The application shows different content to students, staff members and administrators – students are shown the process for selecting the projects they want to do (and the order in which they prefer them), staff are enabled to create and edit projects they wish to run, and administrators can edit all projects, sessions and ultimately project assignments to students. The goal was a simple, easy to use system that caters to the whole process – from start of a session, through to project creation, project selection and finally project assignment.

The system is composed of two major components – A backend API server written in Mozilla’s Rust language, and a frontend web application written with TypeScript and Vue.js. The backend makes heavy use of the Rocket web framework and the Diesel database library with PostgreSQL extensions. Notable frontend libraries include Bootstrap, Vuex and Vue-Router.

This project was completed by Robert Tully, who can be reached at