Computing Degree Show 2018

Sensors in Sport

The margins for winning and losing in professional sport in today’s games have become ever so slight, managers, coaches and players grasp all opportunities available to help improve these margins. Closed skills (skills which take place in a stable, predictable environment and the performer knows exactly what to do and when) are something players and coaches put considerable hours into to ensure they are near perfect for game day.

In the sport of Rugby, goal kicking is a skill which requires an excellent technique where the skill itself is broken into three parts: The approach, the strike and the follow through. The aim of this project is to improve the success rate of goal kicks by comparing each part of the skill to a model performer (professional) with the aid of motion sensor technology (Xbox 360 Kinect). By highlighting these areas of weakness and suggesting improvements, an increased success rate should be more apparent when compared to more traditional methods of coaching. On the whole, how motion sensors can be used to improve coaching.