Computing Degree Show 2018

Image processing for eBay searching

The aim of this project is to allow users to search eBay using an image rather than text. The application will return eBay listings that have images that are the closest match to the uploaded image.

The application allows users to upload an image from a local file on their computer or from an image URL. After the the image is uploaded the application analyses the image and extracts the data needed. It then compares this data to the data from the eBay images and lists the results in order of the closest match.

The project is intended to allow users to find items on eBay when they may not know exactly what the item is. For example if they are unsure of the item their search words may be vague or incorrect. This application intents to eliminate that problem by matching images and hopefully allowing users to find a bargain!

Scott Howie


Project Github: