Computing Degree Show 2018

Stuart Huddy's Honours Project

Multi-User Touch Interface for Deep Data Analysis

Trends in displays have maintained a constant size increase and have experienced several new upgrades throughout recent years with regards to 3D and 4K development. Furthermore, the popularity of smartphones has given rise to tablet computing, which in turn has led to laptops evolving with touch interfaces and near 360° hinges. Large displays will eventually incorporate touch interfaces, bringing forward an interface challenge when displays supersede a user’s breadth, pushing into the realm of the multi-user paradigm.

ARG-tech produces large argumentation graphs that currently no software can adequately display in a natural and intuitive way. They have pursued various implementations in both hardware and software, but they still require a number of innovations to interact and visualise with their data.

This project innovated a multi-user interface by scrapping traditional menu navigation interfaces in order to maximise screen real estate and resolve the menu proximity boundary for any user. The redesign entailed a user invoked menu system from any location of the screen. Subsequently, a big data graph database was trialled which provided insight to future storage solutions for ARG-tech. Finally, an algorithm was recreated to effectively display argumentation graphs, resulting in a dynamic user experience.


Professor Chris Reed