Computing Degree Show 2018

Avalon: Digitalized Board Game

Board games are a widely used entertainment outlet, among many different ages, nationalities, and cultures.

In general, traditional board games’ duration to set up and learn, and their proneness to cheating (accidentally or not) can sometimes disencourage individuals from playing them.

Board games could have even more individuals playing them and enjoying them if they were, firstly, accessible on mobile devices, and secondly, developed in such a way so that related board games’ disencouragements are eliminated.

I personally believe that more “social” board games, such as ‘The Resistance: Avalon’, could greatly benefit from digitalization.

Hence, this project was the development of a digitalized version of a traditional, table-top board game, inspired by ‘The Resistance: Avalon’, as an application for mobile phone devices.


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Sophia Economides