Computing Degree Show 2018

Online checkers platform

The aim of the project was to create a web application enabling users to play Russian draughts with each other online. The application lets users play and watch games, replay past games, view statistics, get achievements, chat, create, rate and play endgames. A player losing internet connection may re-join if his opponent decides to wait. The goal was to create a platform that would be simple and easily extendable to accommodate more multiplayer browser games and would have its mobile counterpart.

The project is assembled with modern web development tools. User interface is created with React.js and ES6. Redux is used to manage application state. Webpack bundles assets to create a single page application. Backend is built using Php with Laravel,  Redis and Mysql. The application heavily uses WebSockets, which are enabled by Ratchet.

The web application is supplemented by a React Native mobile app for Android.