Computing Degree Show 2018

Language Simplification for Care Settings

The aim of this project is to simplify the medical language for those who have difficulty in understanding (following a stroke, learning disability or language impairment).

We wish to undertake a system development which involves developing a system to assist people who are working in care settings in the use of simpler and shorter phrases and sentences that are easier to understand. The system provides a search bar for staff members so that they can view results of what they searched. The system provides much information such as words, short phrases which have already simplified to help a staff member simplify their language. Each short phrase button could be chosen to see text about this suggestion. You have choices to use the text displayed or just turn to the free text page and write down what you want to say to the patient freely.

In addition, the system is able to monitor the length of sentences they input, so that it can give them a reminder and encourage them to use simple words and sentences to describe what is going to happen to clients. As a result, we think the system may reduce patients’ anxiety in medical consultation.